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Welcome to GreenLeaf Health Centre

GreenLeaf Health Centre is a focused hand care centre which takes care of your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder problems. This specialized centre for hand is prominent because Dr. V. Venkata Ramana is proficient in hand surgery and can take care of all hand and upper limb related pain syndromes, complex injuries, deformities and nerve problems, etc. Our centre comprises of –

  • Dedicated team which is skilled in hand speciality and can handle any hand emergency cases efficiently.
  • Well-maintained hospitalization services for hand problems, gynaec and obstetric issues.
  • Neat and clean ambience with the hospitalization facility.

GreenLeaf Health Centre is also providing gynaecological and Obstetric care by Dr. V. Sridevi, a renowned experienced gynaecologist and with more than 6000 gynaecological surgeries including emergency services with high rate of success for the past 17 years.