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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy, is one of the medical health professions which does treatment of any disease, deformity or any injury without any invasive procedure or surgery. Physical therapy is a treatment by physical methods applied on the patient’s body through exercises, massages and in some cases, through heat treatment. The trauma or the illnesses on which physiotherapy are applicable, are as broadly listed under

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Neurological and
  • Endocrinological

Physiotherapy is important in both avoiding as well as assisting surgery and to enhance and boost the physical condition of a patient by giving him relief from pain, stiffness, manage lungs and heart disease as well as diabetes. A patient goes through the process of a physical examination from a certified, experienced and qualified physiotherapist and then the procedure is followed up with a plan which includes patient counselling and education, and upgrade and promote his health.. Rehabilitation goes simultaneously with physical therapy in private-owned physical therapy clinics, outpatient clinics or offices, health and wellness clinics, rehabilitation hospitals facilities, skilled nursing facilities, extended care facilities.

The sole objective of a rehabilitation program is to re-instate a part of or in cases, the complete physical, mental and sensory abilities of the patient, caused by an illness or an injury or some disease.

Rehabilitation includes assisting the patient to compensate for deficits that cannot be reversed medically. Physical therapy and rehabilitation is prescribed after varied kinds of injuries and illnesses which can be short term or long term orthopaedic physiotherapy, it can be cardiopulmonary or paediatric physiotherapy falling under the neurological rehabilitation program, sports injuries, brain injury and also after severing the limbs or amputations.

A comprehensive and appropriate rehabilitation program has the power to countermand the disabilities and discomfort of the patients and also help them to survive the challenge and overcome the conditions that are irreversible by medical care . Rehabilitation addresses the patient's physical, psychological, and environmental needs.

At Greenleaf Health Centre, we are sensitive to the needs, capability, speed and adaptation of any program, and there our physiotherapy experts work with each and every patient in their own pace, in a unique way. Not only proper care is ensured in terms of exercises or techniques in rehabilitation, but also a customized and tailor made program is designed in a sui generis and unexampled way. Undoubtedly, therefore Greenleaf Health Centre is the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

Compassion and Advanced Care: We being the torch bearers of orthopaedic physiotherapy in Hyderabad, at all times ensure guidance and extensive counselling with the patients as we understand that it takes the psychological acceptance as much as the physiological reality to synchronize for a patient to recover and come back to his or her normal state in a given period of time. Thus we take the patient in complete confidence not by assuring but convincing them about the most appropriate program designed for their optimal benefit. Skill and compassion, proficiency and empathy, prowess and benevolence, in the right mix are the mantra of healing.

Physical Therapy for Orthopaedic Disorders: Orthopaedic physical therapy includes treatment of the musculoskeletal system (which is made up of the muscles and bones of the body) that has been subject to injury or trauma. The treatment goal for physiotherapy of orthopaedic disorders is to provide relief from pain, increase joint range, improve strength and flexibility, and restore the patient to full function. Orthopaedic disorders treated by physiotherapy are

  1. Ligament Strain
  2. Fracture rehabilitation
  3. Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Scoliosis
  6. Spondylolysis
  7. Surgical rehabilitation of shoulder, hip, ankle, knee and foot.

A pre-operative physiotherapy and a post operative rehabilitation program helps the patient to strengthen physical and psychological attributes and thus, recover quickly. The physio treatments of orthopaedic disorders include:

  1. Manual therapy
  2. Massage techniques
  3. Ultrasound therapy
  4. Interferential therapy
  5. Neuromuscular Stimulation
  6. Dry Needling
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Rehab program which is the last mile of the journey to return to full health

Physical Therapy for Neurological Disorders: Physical therapy helps in the mobility and movement of affected patients and therefore is a good fit for various neurological disorders which affect the brain, spinal cord or the nervous system. Some very common such disorders are as under

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Concussions
  • Epilepsy
  • Traumatic Brain injury

The above impairments can be small or large and thus have a proportionate varying impact on the patient’s ability to move. Knee pain can arise from a stroke affected person who walks abnormally, while a child has to learn to sit and stand before learning to walk with a cane, or a woman with a traumatic brain injury does not have both the limbs move while walking. There can be thousands of such similar scenarios where specialized, trained, experienced physiotherapists can improve the life of these patients working with skill and compassion.

GreenLeaf Health Centre Rehabilitation Methods

  • Independent Exercises
  • Active and Passive range of motion
  • Joint mobilization
  • Connective-tissue management
  • Scar management
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Home Exercise Programs
  • Custom splints and braces

We sustain our principle and virtues of restoring faith in an individual’s abilities alongside restoring his or her health.