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Greenleaf Health Centre being a goal oriented and self sustained medical facility, and arguably one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad in Orthopaedic facility related to hand speciality and upper extremities, has in house pharmacy within the premises of the hospital.

Greenleaf Pharmacy Services: A hospital pharmacy being a dispensary has a primary objective to stock and dispense inpatient medication. At Greenleaf Medical Centre, our pharmacy is not only fully stocked with specialized medications, but also completely aided with efficient distribution of large quantity of medication per day which is allocated to the wards and to intensive care units according to a patient's medication schedule.


We, at Greenleaf Health Centre, have a fully stocked pharmacy for all the branches and specializations carried on for in house patients in the facility. Where we stand out vis-a-vis the other medical institutions or hospitals are for the following reasons:

  • The inpatient pharmacy services are adequately stocked with every medicine, be it generic or specialized to optimally distribute to each specialized section at the minimum possible time
  • Our pharmacy is manned by qualified and competent pharmacists, who are expertly versed with medications and their compositions, therefore enabling them to facilitate with the most relevant medicine as per the patient requirements.
  • Greenleaf Health Care Centre has one-of-kind pharmacy which is fully equipped with only and only medication from reputed brands, both in our country as well as multinational pharmaceutical giants, as we are of the philosophy of not compromising with the health of the patient, by giving and providing him the best medication and healthcare possible.

Thus Greenleaf Pharmacy has a well managed inventory created for supplies of the best-in-class medicines at all times, and at no instances, compromises by prescribing cheaper, pocket friendly, local make medicines, albeit similar composition.

Be it the intravenous neo natal antibiotics or compound sterile products, the hospital pharmacists and the trained pharmacy technicians of Greenleaf Health Centre, handle such situations with élan, and with the principal of patient care and quality far outreaching the profitability or business gain, we may outsource, from time to time high-risk preparations and some other compounding functions to branded and reputed companies that specialize in compounding.

The integrity, principle and the virtues of the founders of Greenleaf Medical Centre is reflected in the inpatient as also out-patient pharmacy services of the hospital, where Patients are expected to find the best medical facilities for the specializations, rather than looking into a business opportunity or transactional operation.

Greenleaf fully owned Pharmacy thus provide

  • Inpatient pharmacy: for catering to and providing medicines and medication for all patients on board the hospital at any point in time
  • Out-patient pharmacy services: where medicines and drugs are prescribed as OTC or generic medication for out-patient use, which fills prescriptions for patients affiliated with the pharmacy's parent medical institution.
  • Fully equipped pharmacy with medicines from reputed brands of the medicine industry

Thus we supplement the vision and philosophy of Greenleaf Medical Centre through our pharmacy in ensuring and improving

  • Patient Satisfaction: as convenience of an efficient, modern, well equipped onsite pharmacy offer the convenience to countless patients who dread to make that extra stop to refill a prescription from a stressful visit to a hospital.
  • Care Team Collaboration: The trained and experienced pharmacists have an access to the patient records which includes their past history of the physicians that they consulted and the medication they took. Thus they are equipped with a thorough knowledge of the patient antecedents and thus give appropriate counselling on safe usage of drugs and medicines.
  • Potential Hospital revenue: While at Greenleaf Health Centre, we do prioritize patient medical care more than the bottom line profit, however even a small and modest, but sustainable margin from in house pharmacy, grow steadily with time and volume. As we offer reputed and branded speciality drugs, we provide an alternative to the brick and mortar arrangement of mail order or online pharmacy. This arrangement also enables the pharmacists to have face-to-face conversations for additional services, such as vaccinations, to patients.
  • A 24 hour a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year operational pharmacy with dedicated pharmacists for assistance and support in all times, ensures continuous medical care to patients even when the business hours are over. In addition, advances in distributive medication technology have provided pharmacists the opportunity to spend more time interacting with physicians, along with offering direct clinical support.