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Hand Speciality


Greenleaf Health Centre is a renowned Orthopaedic Hospital in Hyderabad, situated at Vivekananda Nagar, Kukatpally, and is headed by Dr. V Venkatramana, who is an expert and a senior consultant hand specialist. He has pioneered the journey of hand specialty as a sub-specialty in orthopedics and wants to explore the unfathomed potential for the benefit of society and working untiringly for relieving infinite people of the pain and agony related to medical conditions, in the field of orthopedics.

Greenleaf Health Centre is a hospital, dedicated to hand specialty in Hyderabad, with renowned doctors or hand specialists possessing immense knowledge, experience, and expertise in hand surgeries. These hand surgeons specialize in hand and upper extremity which includes the wrist, arms, and shoulder, and apart from their orthopedic treatments, they are specially trained to treat the medical problems related to hands. Greenleaf Health Centre is the only hospital that has a dedicated Hand specialty unit, which deals in all kinds of hand pain and related surgeries in Hyderabad.

Causes of Hand Pain: Sprains, fractures, and various other physical conditions can result in mild to extreme pain in the hands. Falling on an outstretched hand is a particularly common cause of hand injuries; the most common include carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren's, thumb base arthritis, trigger finger, and wrist arthritis. A specific injury or a particular disease that adversely affects the structure of a hand causes hand pain. This includes the bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissues. The joint inflammation or arthritis (Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis), is most common which causes hand pain. Peripheral neuropathy damages the nerves causing numbness, tingling, and pain as a result of diabetes results in pain. Swelling or inflammation of the tendon around the thumb causes pain in the thumb and the lower arm. Bacterial infection, Joint dislocation, Bone tumors, injury, soft tissue tumors, nerve damage from toxins are the other common causes of hand pain too.

Common Symptoms of Hand Pain: Swelling of hands is associated with hand pain, and the common symptoms of the hand swelling are warmth, redness, purple discoloration, finger weakness, and numbness with tingling, even swelling in other areas of the body as well as hives. Burning or Itching is the next best symptom if the fingers feel misaligned or there is a reduced strength in the hand. These are critical symptoms that need attention and medical treatment for the hand or related upper extremity. So, next time if the coffee cups fall from your hand or you are not being able to type on the keyboard of your laptop or smart-phone, you immediately need to see the best hand specialists and hand surgeons in Hyderabad connected to Greenleaf Health Centre.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hand Pain: Multiple hand problems are arising due to.

  1. Fractures and dislocation of the hand and wrist
  2. Infections and nerve problems of the hand
  3. Complex fractures of Arm, shoulder, elbows including the forearm
  4. The tendon injuries of the hand.
  5. Tumours as well as pediatric fractures of the hand and upper limb
  6. Stiff fingers
  7. Sports' injuries of the hand
  8. Contractures and deformities

Hand pain can be caused by several conditions, and our consultants at Greenleaf Medical Center have access to the latest diagnostic technology in Hyderabad to determine the cause of your symptoms. Several conditions can cause hand pain, and the most common of these are.

  • carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • Dupuytren's,
  • thumb base arthritis,
  • trigger finger and
  • Wrist arthritis.

The examination of the hand is a complex and in-depth topic. An expert and competent hand specialist can segregate and set apart the specific joints, tendons, and ligaments to assess their function. There is a wide range of tests that are prescribed by the hand specialists to gauge and check the different causes and conditions resulting in hand pain.

Initially, the hand specialists will do a basic examination and subsequently perform selective tests, based on a patient's problems. The basic examination will begin with the following attributes of the hand.

      • Appearance
      • Tenderness
      • Mobility
      • Stability
      • Strength

X-Ray is the most common among the many imaging tests which can be performed to assess and take an estimate of the hand functionality. X-ray helps determine the health of the bones and the joint as also the alignment and if there are any deformities in the hand. For more detailed analysis and findings, other specialized imaging is required which may include ultrasound, CT scans, or MRI studies. In the event of an infection or an immunity disorder, examinations in the lab are very much required.

Hand pain can occur for very many reasons and hence the treatments of the symptoms may vary which entirely depends on how severe the condition is. It can be only rest or steroid injections in regular intervals, as well as splinting, and for persistent pain, there might be a minor invasive procedure. Not all hand pain or medical conditions can have the same procedure, although most of these conditions get eradicated with simple treatment.

      • Rest: Many causes of hand pain are the result of repetitive or overuse syndromes. These conditions will often resolve with rest. In certain cases of vigorous activities causing burnout and pain, no further medication is required other than giving time and rest to that area of the hand.
      • Splints: In situations where the pain is more significant and rest does not adequately control symptoms, a simple splint or brace will allow the hand to rest and the inflammation to subside.
      • Ice application: Ice is a useful tool to control inflammation and alleviate pain. If there is an inflammation or a swelling at the hand due to an impact, or an injury, applying ice or an ice-pack over that area reduces the pain and also the swelling within a quick time.
      • Heat application: Heat application often works well too. Relief to hand pain can be obtained by running warm water over the hands or wrapping a warm moist compress around the hands.
      • Anti-inflammatory medications: Oral anti-inflammatory medications, called NSAIDs, are useful to relieve inflammation and pain. These medications can have side-effects, and one should check with the doctor before starting these medications. Tylenol is a kind of paracetamol, which is effective in giving relief from mild to moderate pain, as well as natural hand therapies, are the other alternative and effective ways to relieve pain.
      • Hand therapy: Hand therapists are specialists who are trained in occupational therapy and are experts to use different techniques and procedures depending on the wide variety of hand conditions. In case of a hand or a wrist injury, one should immediately see a doctor and not wait overnight, if primarily the person experiences as under.
      1. The hand is in constant and acute pain, even when at rest and not operationally active.
      2. If there is a restriction of total or partial movement of the wrist or the hand
      3. If there is a deformity, numbness, or hands and fingers become bluish.

Why Greenleaf Health Centre:

    • Our hand surgeons are the best in Hyderabad, and the physiotherapists know the best treatments to ensure that the patient receives proper, relevant, and most efficient care that is guaranteed to provide him or her a speedy recovery.
    • The doctors here are trained with the best and latest technologies related to hand problems, hand and wrist injury, and upper extremity problems, and as we know that hands play a key role across all ages and professions, they are treated optimally according to the specific needs.